Is Free CNA Training a Viable Option?

When it comes to working as a certified nursing assistant, the most important element to preparing yourself for this career is the quality of your training. While you must attend a training program that’s been accredited by your State Board of Nursing in order to sit for the certification exam, there seems to be an increase in aspiring CNAs searching for free training programs. While the notion of “you get what you pay for” is increasingly true when it comes to career training programs, are there viable training options for those who cannot afford a traditional education module?

Advertised Programs

If you perform a simple Google search inquiring about free CNA training programs, you’ll receive thousands upon thousands of businesses, programs and forum posts stating you can receive the training you need without paying a dime. The first element you should be aware of is that training is rarely free. One of the most common “scams” when it comes to online CNA training is advertising copy that states the classes are free. While the classes may indeed be free, students are surprised to find out that they must pay for books, practical classes and, of course, the examination. In some of the most severe cases, you must purchase books published by the actual school. This is one of the oldest “scams,” as these for-profit schools lure in students with a promise of free training, but only to try to persuade them to purchase their specific training books at a high cost.

Free CNA Training Programs

While it’s easy to become distressed when trying to find a free CNA training program, especially when you have a deep desire to enter this workforce, but your current income doesn’t have enough flexibility to pay for tuition, there are several options that are actually free.

Although the following may not be available where you live, if you’re searching for a free CNA training program, then these are your best options.

The American Red Cross – Established decades ago, The American Red Cross is known for its ability to assist individuals who are truly in need. While you may only know this company for its blood drives, did you know they offer one of the most complex and comprehensive CNA training programs? In fact, these programs are often completely free of charge. If you’re interested in learning about this option, point your Web browser to their website to determine whether or not CNA training classes are held in your city. If not, contact the Red Cross and ask about opening up a training option within your city or region.
Hospitals – While many aspiring CNAs wish to work in a hospital setting, did you know that the majority of established hospitals offer free CNA training programs? These programs are highly respected within this industry as the coursework is not only accredited by the respective State Board of Nursing, but the information included is the latest in the industry. Moreover, students who successfully complete a hospital CNA training program are often offered positions within the same hospital as they’re given an opportunity to network with hiring manager and working CNAs.

Is Free CNA Training a Viable Option?

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